Wisdom Teeth Removal — Belleville, IL

We can’t always avoid wisdom teeth removal, but Dr. Ty Loveless of Archway Oral Surgery is making sure you avoid an unpleasant experience. With state of the art technology, flexible payment options, and just a short drive from Belleville, IL, Dr. Loveless leads the way in patient satisfaction.

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What to expect from Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When you arrive for your initial consultation, our staff are welcoming and helpful. Dr. Loveless reviews each patient’s case individually to ensure the highest quality care. During surgery, a sedative is offered for the patient’s comfort, but is not necessary. In all, the wisdom teeth extraction will take 30-60 minutes, and post-operative instructions will be given. Recovery could take up to 7 days for swelling go down, during which we recommend taking a few days of rest. Complications are rare but are easily treatable and avoided.

How to pay for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

We offer flexible payment options to ensure payment is as easy as possible for our patients. In some cases, wisdom teeth removal will be covered by insurance. If not, we take cash, major credit cards, and payment plans. We also honor Smile Advantage discounts.

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