Best Clayton Oral Surgeon 

Looking for the best Clayton oral surgeon? Experienced oral surgeon providing wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, impacted canines, and more in nearby St Louis. We have a state of the art facility to provide comfort and ensure safety during your visit. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Tyman Loveless is highly educated and has many years of experience. Read our reviews to learn why patients from all over St. Louis County and Southern Illinois travel to our office. Give us a call today to set up an appointment. (314) 328-5995

TMJ Disorders 

TMJ Disorders, commonly referred to as just “lockjaw”. This joint is used to speak and chew. Most TMJ disorders result from dysfunction of either the joint itself or the muscles that control the joint. Since some TMJ disorders can become chronic and even debilitating conditions, it is important to diagnose and treat early. We offer a variety of treatment options including, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, and surgery.

Paying for Your Procedure

A common question patients ask is, “how much will the procedure cost?” We will provide an upfront quote of your procedure as soon as we are able to review your case. On your quote we will include any available discounts and estimated insurance reimbursement. We provide an in-depth consultation to determine the best treatment plan for your case.

How can I pay for my dental procedure?

  • Insurance
  • CareCredit – we take CareCredit allowing you to finance your procedure
  • Cash/Credit – we accept major credit cards
  • Smile Advantage – we offer a discount for those Smile Advantage members


Looking for the best Clayton oral surgeon near you? We are located in nearby St. Louis, also servicing surrounding St. Louis County and Southern Illinois communities. Give us a call at (314) 328-5995 to schedule your appointment today.