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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Clayton

Trust Archway Oral Surgery for your Wisdom Teeth Removal. Our surgeon and staff are trained to make your extraction as pleasant as possible. Let us assist you through the process from beginning to end.

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Although not in Clayton, STL patients come to Archway for a variety of reasons.

  • Referred – Patients have heard good things from their dentist or family/friends
  • Quality – latest technology including 3-D imaging to provide better outcomes
  • Trust – Reviews from real patients, Harvard Dental School training
  • Availability – in many cases same day appointments are available
  • Payment flexibility – excellent front office staff help patients deal with insurance and payment options.

Why should you consider wisdom teeth removal?

The most common reason why patients opt for wisdom teeth removal is referral from their family dentist. However, if you are experiencing jaw or mouth pain you might want to consider setting up a consultation. It is often recommended that wisdom teeth are extracted in young adulthood to prevent infection or disease from possible impacted teeth. Additionally, wisdom teeth removal can prevent crowding or damage to the surrounding teeth. If you believe any of this applies to you, please contact us to set up your consultation today.

What is the process for wisdom teeth removal?

During the initial consultation, our surgeon will meet with you and assess the need for wisdom teeth removal as well as answer any questions you may have. The surgery itself will last between 30 and 60 minutes, during which anesthesia may be used. You will receive post-operative information to take home upon your departure. Recovery time depends on the patient but will usually require a few days of rest.

What are the possible complications?

Minor complications following wisdom teeth removal are rare, but do sometimes happen and are easily treatable. The most common complications are infection and dry sockets, which can be avoided by following the post-operative instructions. If you experience any complications please let your oral surgeon know.

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5 of 5 stars of 167

Dr. Loveless and the rest of his team was great! They made the whole experience very enjoyable. I was really nervous before going into my surgery and the team was very friendly and made me feel at ease. I will definitely recommend friends and family to Dr Loveless. He has a great bedside manner and, is very professional. I know ive found an awesome oral surgeon.

Angie B.
Happy Patient

5 of 5 stars of 167

Very friendly staff. Doctor spent time to explain and answer questions. Easy to make an appointment. Easy to get a recheck. Staff and Doctor made themselves readily available for questions after surgery even during holidays.

Laurie M.
Happy Patient

5 of 5 stars of 167

Dr. Loveless is amazing. I will continue to use and refer people to him.

5 of 5 stars of 167

I had a great experience at Archway. I went there to get four wisdom teeth removed. The office was clean. The staff was nice and efficient. Dr. Loveless was warm and the Spotify music was a nice touch. The procedure went through with no problems and I didn’t feel a thing. I received a post op call and great instructions. Overall, the experience exceeded my expectations after you hear all the horror stories regarding wisdom teeth removal.

5 of 5 stars of 167

Excellent oral surgeon. I had to have my wisdom teeth removed and was terrified. The staff at Archway were very professional and took care of me. Painless proceedure and I was in and out in a hour. highly recommended thank you very much!

Patrick H.
Happy Patient

5 of 5 stars of 167

Dr. Loveless,

Thank you for making my tooth extraction so quick and easy. I was expecting a lot of pain. Haven’t experienced any residual pain, either since I woke up the following morning. You should hang a shingle stating “painless Dentist”!! Also, your staff is so kind and attentive. I would definitely come back when needed, and recommend you to anyone in need. Though I don’t wish that pre-surgery pain on any person (or animal) for that matter!


5 of 5 stars of 167

“…we were happy to find somoeone that was caring…we will never forget the care and concern you showed to our mother”

5 of 5 stars of 167

What can I say? No one likes to visit the dentist…especially for anything other than having their teeth cleaned. I am no different. Hated that I had to have a tooth taken out but it was necessary. I was referred here by my dentist to see Dr. Loveless. If I ever have to have anything else done from an oral surgeon, I would never wish to see anyone else. Dr. Loveless and his staff not only made me feel less anxious but they were super nice and made sure that I knew everything that was being done. I would refer them to anyone with complete confidence! If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would. I want to tell them all thank you for making this process much easier on me. Just an amazing staff and surgeon!!

5 of 5 stars of 167

My experience with the ladies and Doctor Loveless was great. I had never been put under by anesthesia before and they made me comfortable and very relaxed. They took care of me from the beginning consultation to leaving minus 4 teeth. Thankfully Dr. Loveless is a younger man so he will hopefully be around to treat my children with the same care, someday.

5 of 5 stars of 167

“You are an awesome doctor! Also, your assistants were great and made everything so much easier. Thank you for being such a caring doctor.”

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