Wisdom Teeth Removal in Clayton

Trust Archway Oral Surgery for your Wisdom Teeth Removal. Our surgeon and staff are trained to make your extraction as pleasant as possible. Let us assist you through the process from beginning to end.

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Although not in Clayton, STL patients come to Archway for a variety of reasons.
• Referred – Patients have heard good things from their dentist or family/friends
• Quality – latest technology including 3-D imaging to provide better outcomes
• Trust – Reviews from real patients, Harvard Dental School training
• Availability – in many cases same day appointments are available
• Payment flexibility – excellent front office staff help patients deal with insurance and payment options.

Why should you consider wisdom teeth removal?

The most common reason why patients opt for wisdom teeth removal is referral from their family dentist. However, if you are experiencing jaw or mouth pain you might want to consider setting up a consultation. It is often recommended that wisdom teeth are extracted in young adulthood to prevent infection or disease from possible impacted teeth. Additionally, wisdom teeth removal can prevent crowding or damage to the surrounding teeth. If you believe any of this applies to you, please contact us to set up your consultation today.

What is the process for wisdom teeth removal?

During the initial consultation, our surgeon will meet with you and assess the need for wisdom teeth removal as well as answer any questions you may have. The surgery itself will last between 30 and 60 minutes, during which anesthesia may be used. You will receive post-operative information to take home upon your departure. Recovery time depends on the patient but will usually require a few days of rest.

What are the possible complications?

Minor complications following wisdom teeth removal are rare, but do sometimes happen and are easily treatable. The most common complications are infection and dry sockets, which can be avoided by following the post-operative instructions. If you experience any complications please let your oral surgeon know.

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