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Thank you for your interest in Archway Oral Surgery. Whether you are considering wisdom teeth removal, same-day tooth extractions, or improving your smile with dental implants, Dr. Loveless is excited to help with your treatment. Archway Oral Surgery is centrally located in the Greater St. Louis region and is just a short drive away. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, learn about your treatment options, and experience the difference. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Dr Tyman Loveless

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Jenny C.

Dr. Loveless was wonderful, kind, professional, and really made me feel comfortable. He is the kind of man you would want as your regular dentist for not only yourself, but for also your family, neighbors, former roommates twice removed (you get the picture lol). I was completely and utterly scared when I went in and he and the staff helped ease my fears. I didn’t feel anything, he worked quickly, and I left feeling really confident in his work. I hope I never need oral surgery again but if I do, I’m going to [him], hands down. I would absolutely recommend [him] to anyone. 🙂

Linda M.

Dr. Loveless,

Thank you for making my tooth extraction so quick and easy. I was expecting a lot of pain. Haven’t experienced any residual pain, either since I woke up the following morning. You should hang a shingle stating “painless Dentist”!! Also, your staff is so kind and attentive. I would definitely come back when needed, and recommend you to anyone in need. Though I don’t wish that pre-surgery pain on any person (or animal) for that matter!


Samantha D.

Dr. Loveless is amazing. I will continue to use and refer people to him.